Testimonials for the Aish Essentials Program


"The Essentials program was truly a life-changing experience. The amazing rabbis, learning opportunities and bonding experiences will leave an impact on my life forever."

Jon Sanford


"Essentials encouraged and answered my questions about Judaism. The speakers and rabbis were all amazing and truly made everyone feel very welcomed. I never felt more pride to be Jewish in my whole entire life. I feel this was a spiritual awakening for me and made me see how proud we all have to be Jewish. I always believed in God but this program made me now understand more of what it's all about to be Jewish."

Joshua Bendahan


"It's a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and an incredible location! I received a tremendous amount of information from knowledgeable teachers, and found answers were readily available."

David Kaiyalethe

"The environment was inspiring, the method of learning was inviting and engaging, and the lessons I learnt will be with me for life."

Aron Savicky


"I could not have been happier with my experience at Aish HaTorah's Essentials Program. I owe it entirely to the community which you foster with your knowledge of and spirit for Judaism. I have now returned to Boston with a greater love of Torah, God, and my life as a Jew. Thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity."

Joshua Katz


"I loved the sense of community and brotherhood that developed between the students. Everyone was willing to help each other to learn, to answer questions and to have fun."

Michael Bendahan


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