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About the Aish Essentials philosophy

In the 1970s, Rabbi Noah Weinberg saw the imperative of developing educational programs that would speak to a new generation of open-minded seeking Jews.

His vision sparked a renaissance of Jewish life that has seen the founding of literally hundreds of Torah-based educational endeavors including Aish branches, seminars, websites, campus activities, and suburban communities. The common denominator: authentic Jewish experiences that tap into our yearnings for joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

Now, 40 years later, Aish is introducing new strategic projects that foster an exciting new era of expansion and impact on the Jewish world.

Mission Statement

Aish’s mission is to urgently awaken and empower Jewish people to embrace their heritage and fulfill their destiny of Tikkun Olam (fixing the world).

core principles and values.

• Judaism is not all or nothing. It is a journey pursued at one’s own pace and interest in which every step is worthwhile in itself.

• Each individual student is worthy of profound respect, without regard to their religious knowledge or affiliation. We do not pretend to be the judge of who is a better person or Jew.

• Mitzvot (commandments) are not just rituals, but opportunities for personal growth which are to be studied and understood.

• Torah is wisdom for living and teaches us how to maximize our potential and find the right pleasures in life.

• We are responsible for one another. Standing together, no goal is beyond our reach, but almost no goal is attainable when we are splintered.

• We should act with urgency to confront the spiritual and physical challenges facing the Jewish people.

• With free will, every individual can change the world, but this also means that each of us is responsible to get the job done.

• Our Jewish tradition, sourced from the Torah, has helped to transform the world and will continue to do so if Jewish people continue to accept the challenge.