Aish Essentials: Mind, Body, and Marathon

Study and Run in the Jerusalem Marathon

March 4th - 14th

Photo by Yoav ari Dudkevitch

Photo by Yoav ari Dudkevitch

10 Days of Mind, Body, and Soul Mastery

Culminating in the Jerusalem Marathon 

Join us for a 10 day intensive in the anicient city of Jerusalem and culminate in the running of the Jerusalem marathon. Exercise yoru mind and your body with daily challenges in the classroom and on the road. Train with expert runners, train in the classroom with scholars and sages. Know the city of Jerusalem inside and out with intense learning and growth opportunities. This is one trip that you will never forget. No advanced training necessary in Torah study - but be prepared to be put through the paces! 



Challenge your mind as you dive deep into sacred texts and key concepts in ancient Jewish philosophy. With a curriculum focused on mind over matter and understanding the relation between body and spirit, you'll be physically and spiritually prepared for the day of the race. 



Hit the streets, experience the Old City. Train with veteran runners and tour guides as you explore the city of Jerusalem. Pound the pavement and soak up the history of the center of the Jewish world as you run through history in the winding streets and learn about your heritage and history. 


Photo: Kobi Gideon/Flash90-IsrealTourism/Flickr

Photo: Kobi Gideon/Flash90-IsrealTourism/Flickr

Experience the thrill of the day of the race! Join an estimated 25,000 or more runners from around the world on the day of the race. You choose your distance: 5k, 10k, 21.1k, or the full marathon! 

Trip Highlights: 

This is truly a journey that you'll never forget, and there is no better way to have a full mind, body, soul experience of Jerusalem. From the sites and the sounds, to the spirit and the air - you'll be soaking up everything that Jerusalem has to offer. 

 Photo by Kobi Gideon / Flash90

 Photo by Kobi Gideon / Flash90

  • Study the significance of the Jerusalem Marathon sights on a Historical and Biblical level
  • Learn the Torah philosophy on Mind over Matter, and how it applies to accomplishing your goals

  • Unite with Jews from all over the world who participate

  • Prepare for the run with experts

  • Enjoy Shabbat in Jerusalem

  • Pick Your Distance - 5k, 10k, 21.1k, or the full marathon


Led By Expert Teachers & Master Runners:


Rabbi Stuart Schwartz

Rabbi Stuart Schwartz received his Rabbinic ordination in 1992, and in 1994 founded the Boston, Mass. branch of Aish HaTorah. Rabbi Schwartz returned to Israel in 1996 as an instructor, and he has been the Director of the Essentials program since 1999. He lives in the Old City of Jerusalem with his wife and seven children.


Special Guest: Beatie Deutsch

Beatie Deutsch is most well known for being an Orthodox Jewish mother who ran the Tel Aviv marathon while 7 months pregnant. As someone who sought to achieve that, you'll certainly find the motivation to do your best in the marathon after speaking to her.


Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen:

Having spent six important years living in Asia immersed in Eastern philosophy and tradition, Dov Ber Cohen returned to his Jewish roots and the profound wisdom and insight to be found in the teachings of the great Jewish Sages throughout the generations. After becoming a Rabbi, Dov Ber has continued traveling the world, running programs to aid people in tapping into their greatest potential and guide their own journey through life in an empowered, mindful, and joyous way. 

All This Included in Your Trip:

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Entry in the Jerusalem Marathon

Your entry fees will be paid for you, so there will be nothing to distract you from completing the marathon. No last minute fees or calls will interrupt your rhythm.


All Food and Accommodations

The goal of the trip being spiritual focus and running, accommodations and food will be taken care of so they will be off your mind. Your diet will be amply met and you're sure to get good nights rest, to be well prepared for your days!


Spiritual and physical training

Inside and outside the classroom, you'll get mind body and soul training. Fine tuned class schedule and focused training will help you prepare for the big race. 



Cost of Program: Only $1,000

(Plus Transportation to Jerusalem)

March 4th - 14th, 2018