Aish HaTorah jInternship Program

One Summer, Two Investments


What is Aish HaTorah jInternship?


Aish - Jinternship 01A unique opportunity for Jewish college students from around the globe to come together in Israel and experience it from two different perspectives over one summer.


FIRST The chance to come to Israel the Jewish homeland, and spend a summer exploring Judaism in the old city of Jerusalem. Be introduced to powerful ancient wisdom, meet incredible rabbis, and learn from world renowned presenters. Experience stimulating educational programs, one on one textual learning, and interesting discussion groups.


SECOND In today’s competitive marketplace, university students are looking to gain an advantage in their career development and invest in their marketability. The Aish Hatorah jInternship program offers participants summer job placements at high level internships in their respective career fields, which assists in building a strong and impressive résumé.


Come join us at Aish haTorah jInternship and get to


- Meet other young Jewish students and develop new friendships that last a lifetime.

- Go on fun trips and enjoy free time to relax.

- Experience life in the ancient city of Jerusalem overlooking the Temple mount.

- Enjoy Aish HaTorah World Center’s magnificent new facility.

- Become enriched intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

- Come see Israel not as as a tourist, but as a member of the workforce.


Program Details:


Aish - Jinternship 02The program spans two months and is split between days of Jewish learning at Aish HaTorah and work days at internship placements.

Most evenings are free to get out and enjoy Jerusalem.

Aish jInternship participants periodically enjoy invigorating organized day trips, and get to soak in the Mediterranean sun in their free time, but the twin focuses of career development and Jewish learning remain the center of the program.




The Aish HaTorah jInternship program is funded by the Olami organization as well as the Onward Israel organization. This funding covers room & board, programming and health insurance. Participants pay airfare and an internship registration fee of $350.


Lodging & Food:


Lodging and three daily meals are at the beautiful Aish HaTorah air conditioned facility and dormitory in the old city of Jerusalem.




Aish - Jinternship 032017 Men’s summer program in Jerusalem:  June 19 - August 9th.




Rabbi Avraham Willig, program director available to answer all questions and inquiries. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 718-887-9792 (Israel time).


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Aish jInternship  Career leads... Lessons for life... Life in Israel... Personal growth... Meaningful Jewish Experiences... High level learning... New friends... Everlasting memories...




“jInternship was a great Israel experience. It gave me a great deal of religious and cultural experience in Israel and helped me figure out more about world philosophy and Judaism. I encourage everyone to experience this as well”.

-Jesse Fine, jInternship participant 2016. Junior, University of Florida


“Going into the Aish jInternship program I was nervous about the idea of learning at a Yeshiva, something more Jewish than I thought I would ever be doing. The Jewish learning ended up being the best part of the program and has continued to inspire me to want to learn more and enhance my Jewish education. It turned out to be composed of amazing rabbis whose only goal was to teach and inspire, and friendly students who wanted to learn and build fulfilling relationships. Not only that, the internship was incredible in giving me hands on experience in an area that I might want to pursue further in the future. The jInternship program was run by a great set of rabbis and madrichim who made the adjustment to living in Israel very smooth by welcoming everyone with open arms. We had a very close group of guys on the program who each brought their unique perspective to each class and activity. In case you’re debating about doing the program, let me tell you that I’m so thankful I ended up doing it as it changed my life for the better. I only hope that it will continue to have such an amazing impact on every future jInternship participant.”

-Evan Hendel Senior, Cornell University, jInternship 2016

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