Aish Essentials: Hardest Hikes

May 7th to 16th

A Special Aish Essentials Program for Men 18-30 Years Old


10 Days of Hiking, Learning, and Other Activities.

From North to South - Hike and Explore the Country You Love!

Get WAY out there in Israel - in some of the country's most amazing sites that normal people don't get to see! Explore the land you love and discover location after location that will leave you speechless. From hidden enclaves in the north of the country to the gorgeous Red Sea on the coast of Eilat. You'll discover Israel in ways you never imagined, with some of the country's most inspiring and spiritually-minded guides. 

Challenge your Body in Israel’s Outdoor Paradise


Step out and into the heart of the country you've always wanted to explore and make it your own. These aren't your typical "Birthright" strolls. These hikes are for adventurous souls ready to sling on a pack and trek to see the country like never before!

Challenge your Mind in Jerusalem by the kotel


From North to South, the city of Jerusalem is perfectly situated in the center of Israel at the geographic and spiritual heart of your journey. Come, learn, repose, and soak it all in. As you walk the land of our ancestors, you'll have a greater appreciation for the spiritual teachings to put it all in context. 

Enter a different world in the Gulf of Eilat


Splash-down! Arrive at the dead sea and relax with all the comforts of a stay at the Red sea. Swim with dolphins, enjoy time at the beach, and discover the beauty of one of the world's most precious gulfs. From the shimmering sand to the gorgeous water, you'll be ready to refreshingly dive in and avoid the summer heat!

Trip Highlights: 

This is truly a journey that you'll never forget, and there is no better way to have a full mind, body, soul experience of Jerusalem. From the sites and the sounds, to the spirit and the air - you'll be soaking up everything that Jerusalem has to offer. 

  • Learning with Aish Hatorah's Outstanding Educators

  • Get To Know Our 3800 year old tradition

  • Hiking some of Israel’s most challenging trails

  • Rappelling the country's most beautiful descents

  • Diving with dolphins in the Red Sea

  • Sleeping under the stars  in the desert

  • Sharing experiences with like minded people

Led By Expert Teachers & Adventurers:


Rabbi Eliyahu Ellis

Rabbi Eliyahu Ellis studied biology and geology at Northern Illinois University. In addition, he spent time as a deep-sea diver in the oil fields in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway and has circumnavigated the seas of the world in a sailboat. Rabbi Ellis received rabbinic ordination from Aish HaTorah where he is a senior lecturer at the Discovery and Essentials programs.

Have Questions? Contact Rabbi Ellis at for More Information!

All This Included in Your Trip:


Spiritual and physical training

Throughout the trip, you'll be combining mental and physical exercise to gain the greatest benefits from both sides. You'll more deeply understand the Jewish tradition while not ignoring your physical side by being stuck in a classroom.


All Food and Accommodations

We want you to be focusing on making the most of your experience, so accommodations and food will be taken care of by us. We'll make sure there is always plenty of food and time for a good night's rest, so you can be well prepared for your days!


outdoor adventure activities

Seeing Israel by adventuring through the country is a wholly different experience from touring on a bus, and we know you'll enjoy it. You'll be in touch with the land in ways other trips to Israel simply cannot offer.



Cost of Program: Only $1,450

(Does Not Include Flights)

May 7th - 16th, 2018