3-Week Immersions and free Drop-In Classes For Jewish Wisdom Seekers

"Truly a life-changing experience. "   (  See Testimonials  ).

"Truly a life-changing experience."

(See Testimonials).

The world's knowledge, at your fingertips...  (  See Our Campus  ).

The world's knowledge, at your fingertips...

(See Our Campus).

The best teachers in the world, to answer life's big questions... (  Meet Our Team  ).

The best teachers in the world, to answer life's big questions... (Meet Our Team).

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Wish You Were Here...

Located in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City, Aish Essentials just might have the world's best campus.

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Aish Essentials was designed for the sole purpose of giving the next generation of Jewish men the wisdom they will need to live in a meaningful, directed, and impactful way. In Aish’s world headquarters in Jerusalem’s Old City, we have assembled some of the world’s best educators in the fields of spirituality, Jewish law, philosophy, and Kabbalah to provide you the resources and skills need to live a truly profound life. Find Out More...

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3-Week Programs or Free DROP-IN CLASSES

The choice is yours: you can drop by or stay for a while. Whether you are committed to making huge leaps forward in your spiritual life or just want to test the waters, Aish Essentials will help you along your path. We condense some of Judaism’s most complex and powerful ideas into a curriculum of short classes. With our world-class faculty, this ensures that any stay with us will give you the chance to ask the big questions. Join Us Today...

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"A Life-Changing Experience...

Aish Essentials gave me the wisdom I was seeking to transform my way of looking at the world." - Steve M.

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